Cryptocurrency & Artificial Intelligence Society

University of Cape Town

High impact, practical education in the most radical technological advances of our age.

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We are an inter-disciplinary UCT society dedicated to learning and teaching the dramatic impacts and opportunities that artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency technology will have on the world. We connect students to the technology and introduce high-impact companies to passionate students.


Think about the effects and biases technology has to a myriad of potential users. How does this technology change the way we interact with the world and how should it be used ethically?


Learn how to code and create your own cryptocurrency or artificial intelligence using the latest technlogies from industry leaders. Get involved with sub-communities and branch out on your own or within the society. Our community is here to help along the way.


Get exposure to the financial world of cryptocurrencies and how they can be used as a store of value and more. Meet industry leading companies implementing this tech and possibly land a summer internship.


Some of the awesome companies we've worked with so far:

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