Cryptocurrency Workshops with Linum Labs

Aug 18, 2018 • Thomas Tumiel

Recently, CryptoSoc partnered with Linum Labs to present a series of workshops on creating smart contracts. A hand-picked group of about 30 were present for the workshop series which engaged in the following topics.

Day 1

The first day contained an overview of the economics of the world and how this led to cryptocurrency. This was followed by an exploration into the Ethereum platform and how DApps are created.

Day 2

The second workshop was more interactive, giving participants the opportunity to work through the CryptoZombies tutorial and create a DApp using the Truffle Framework.

Day 3

The third workshop we looked at the abstract side of things and dived into some tokonomics. We paid particular interest in token standards, curation markets and TCR’s (token curated registries), what applications they might have and their role in the blockchain ecosystem.

A big thank you to Linum Labs from the CryptoSoc team for leading such fantastic mornings! All the feedback coming back so far has been extremely positive and we look forward to even bigger events in the future.

Notes on all the workshops were written by @GianlucaTruda and were kindly made open here.