DApp Development Workshops

Sep 20, 2018 • Thomas Tumiel

Over the last 3 weeks, CryptoSoc has hosted several workshops focusing on developing decentralized applications (DApps) on Ethereum. The experience was enjoyed by around 50 people across the 3 days. A big thanks to everyone who helped organise the event including Consensys, Zaio and of course CryptoSoc.

Day 1: Background

We began the series with an overview and philosophical background to Ethereum and when it could be used as an alternative to legacy solutions. We took an introductory walkthrough to accustomize to Solidity syntax with CryptoZombies and set the stage to develop DApps the following week.

Notes from Day 1

Day 2

On the second day, we developed a handcrafted truffle box that allowed users to sign a decentralized register showing their attendance at the workshops. We introduced the concepts of integrating a front end with a smart contract using the web3 API. The front end was an application built in React.

After this, workshop members were challenged to fork the repo and create their own applications, developing their skills using git, Truffle, Ganache, Metamask and more.

See the Truffle Box Tutorial

Day 3

Finally, we saw how to deploy a DApp to (almost) production by putting our smart contract on the Ropsten testnet and deploying our front end to Heroku. The smart contract was refactored and deployed using Remix and the Injected web3 environment.

After this tutorial, we allowed teams to continue developing their DApps from the previous week or implement a new one.

See the Instructions to Deploy

Thanks so much for the positive feedback on the event! If you have any other comments please send them my way!